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Memorial Weekend Deep Tissue Massage with Foam Rollers

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Right Fitters, this Memorial Day weekend I encourage all of you to relax and loosen up those tight muscles. This is a good time for you to not overdo it and allow your body to recover. Your body needs to recover from any stress we have built up.

High levels of stress can cause: unpredictable behavior, moodiness, emotional and physical problems, below is a list of ways helpful in mitigating the effects of stress and allowing your body to relax and recover:

• Stretch (Exercise)
• Talk to people
• Get plenty of rest (7-9 hours)
• Breathe deeply
• Eat well balanced and regular meals

Foam rollers help stiff muscles relax and break down scar tissue, and improves range of motion. Flexibility and mobility become increasingly important to good health after age 30 when joints begin to lose some motion and lubrication.

Any questions about foam rollers please see or email any Right Fit Training Specialist. Locations in both Willowbrook and LaGrange.

How much sleep did you get last night?

Did you know that the average adult should be getting 7 to 9 hours of sleep each night?

The quality of your sleep you get each night directly affects your mental and physical health and the quality of your day. Not getting enough sleep can actually end up being harmful to your health. It can affect the following:

- Productivity
- Emotional Balance
- Brain Health
- Heart Health
- Immune System
- Creativity
- Vitality
- Weight

There is not any other opportunity that is so easy for you to improve your overall health. So do yourself a favor and this week try to get yourself at least 7 to 9 hours. Your body will thank you.

Tips for better sleep:

Avoid from drinking caffeine 5 hours before bed.
Don't use your phone an hour before bed.
Avoid doing work in your bed. It is a place for rest.
Make sure your room is pitch black if possible.

If you have any questions about your sleep please let me know.

Sleep well everyone...ZZZZ

GRAVITY RULES! Our bodies weren't designed for current technology (modern) lifestyle

Reverse Wall Slide

Are you sitting, texting, etc. longer than 30 minutes? If YES create your Posture Action Plan (P.A.P.) today.

Proper posture not only makes us look better, but enables the body to function more efficiently, develop properly and stay stronger in our later years.

People that SIT for long periods of time with knees in a flexed position are going to have tight hamstrings and tight hip flexors. How do I prevent this you ask?

P.A.P. - Alarm rings (no excuse) STOP, take a deep breath inhale, exhale & “Stand Up”
Re- check Standing Posture – head straight, chin parallel to floor, shoulders & hips level, knees and feet forward. When sitting back down, recheck Sit Posture -spine and head are erect and the 3 natural curves are maintained in chair.
• Next time Alarm rings Stand Up and try the attached Reverse Wall Slide

Run the Ridge Sign Up

Run the Ridge 5K and 1K Run/Walk is a run, walk started by myself and Right Fit in 2004. The race has served as Burr Ridge's premier race, and continues to grow each year. When I created Run the Ridge in 2004, I had one vision in mind, and that was to make a race for all populations and age groups to compete in with the support of the community for a great cause. Run the Ridge strives to help individuals MOVE PAST OBESITY, and benefits the ProActive Kids Foundation!

To sign up or learn more about "Run the Ridge" please visit our website at

Right-Fit and myself hope to see you there.

How can I improve on my pull-ups you ask?

Fitness Experts agree that Pull-ups are one of the best upper body exercises a person can perform since they target multiple muscles, back, shoulders and arms.

I believe, pull-ups are to your upper body what squats are for the lower body. If you aren't currently doing Pull-ups consider setting a goal to start Pull-ups this month.

A Right Fit Training Specialist can make any necessary modifications and also teach you to use resistance bands. Have you noticed the colorful resistance bands hanging from Right Fit's power rack? The thicker the band the more assistance in working on your over-hand and under-hand pull-up.

A Training Specialist and the bands will help you maintain body control, proper form and posture. Always warm up with grip exercises, chart your progress and before you know it, you'll reach your Pull-up goal!

We look forward to your comments and suggestions


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